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International education

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     International programs 


Higher education programs -bachelor course

13.03.02 Power and Electrical Engineering

Orientation (profile) of the educational program:

-Economic and management for power utilities

- Power and Electrical Engineering (adaptive)

- Management for power utilities

Training period:

Full-time - 4 years

Part-time -4 years 6 months

Training is conducted in Russian

Cost of education:

- full-time education- 230,000 rubles per year

- distance learning- 115000 rubles per year

Programs of additional education

Russian language. Russian history.

Duration of training - 1 year

Cost of education

Correspondence courses from 25,000 rubles per year / classroom load up to 20 academic hours

Full-time courses from 120 thousand rubles per year / classroom no more than 100 academic hours

Training is conducted in Russian, English, Chinese

List of documents for registration of the invitation of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation for training.

1. Passport - A copy of the internal passport + passport - all pages

(Copy must be well readable) B / W or color

2. About the invitee filled in Russian and / or English

3. Photos in the attached file (visa requirements for photo)

4. Check (receipt), including electronic, confirming payment of state duty for visa and registration fees on the invitation of payment for services

5. Signed agreement (the contract is signed after the entry into the Russian Federation and the arrival of the institute)

6. A check (receipt) of payment of educational services

7. Other documents requested by immigration control services (if necessary)

The procedure for submission of documents

A) Checking the service of documents of the international department of the Institute

1. A foreign citizen is obliged to send by e-mail means a scanned copy of the internal passport (identity card) + passport - all pages

Copy should be readable

2. Questionnaire invited foreign citizen

The form should be filled out legibly and filled on the PC

Have reliable data

This information is necessary to send an e-mail to the Institute official mail:



After checking the documents the response letter, you will receive notification of the decision

The duration of the check of the foreign citizen by the international Department of the Institute - 3 working days

If a positive decision:

Invitee pay the state fee for invitation + commission of your bank in the country (according to the tariffs of the country of the payer bank)

The state duty for registration of the invitation is 800 rubles. + Bank commission

Information and advisory services, including sending the original by means of express mail and payment of the contract for training carried out after receiving the invitation

Training representatives of the institute in migration control bodies.

The duration of the invitation in the migration control from 10 to 20 days.

Questionnaire of the invited foreign citizen

受邀 外国 公民问卷

About invited foreign citizen